Jeroen Simoons

If you are ready to make a change and focus on what is really important (the answer is YOU by the way) then I will be more than glad to guide, support and train you towards this personal and physical change.

My name is Jeroen (RJ) Simoons and over the past years I have experienced that training with a kettlebell with guarantee results in a short amount of time. By following a result-driven-approach in PT workouts I assist the client in defining clear reachable goals and following up on this commitment.

Transforming motivation into more-tivation is how you can characterize my Personal Training Philosophy.

With a Short, Safe, Strong training schedule a Trojan Workout will always focus on quality and not quantity during workouts.

The Trojan Workout is about a healthy mind in a healthy body! Without these two important factors you are unable to create YOU-2.0.

The only thing I ask is motivation, commitment and three times 30 minutes during the week to get closer to your goal.

No investment needed in expensive floor-space-consuming set-ups at home. Just some Kettlebells and you are good to go!!!

Feel free to contact me if you have got any further questions or if you would like to schedule an intake.

Trojan Workouts can be arranged in the privacy of your own home or at an outdoor location.

Note: Workouts can be provided in English and Dutch